Emissions Control

How It Works

The patented ultra-clean emissions control technology has been rigorously tested by independent labs and shown to consistently reduce the emission of criteria pollutants contributing to smog (CO and NOx) to near zero levels for spark ignited, rich burn, internal combustion engines.

Conforming to the current carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide standards

Our emissions technology, developed with funding from the California Energy Commission and Southern California Gas Company, has been independently verified by New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection and by AVL California Technology Center. Emissions measurements from stationary systems equipped with the ultra-low emissions technology conform to the current California Air Resource Board (CARB) 2007 carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) standards for distributed power generation.

Engines retrofitted with our Ultera technology measure at or below current natural gas powered fuel cell emissions levels.


The Ultera dual stage catalyst system, with exhaust temperature control, can provide a robust solution to meet challenging modes of operation such as rapid acceleration and other heavy-duty transients.


Reduction in regulated criteria pollutants meeting all federal and state requirements including Los Angeles SCAQMD Rule 1110.2 (South Coast Air Quality Management District)


Confidence in emissions regulation compliance, even in the strictest regions.

  • Simple 3-step complete emissions after treatment system
  • Manufacturer turnkey installation and application support available
  • Peace of mind with proven robust emissions compliance
  • Low cost product, minimal maintenance, low life cycle costs
  • No changes to the existing engine or controllers required
  • No addition of chemicals needed
  • Completely self-adjusting and self-contained system
  • Available fleet monitoring
  • Range of configurations available for various engine horse-powers and site needs
  • Reduced operator intervention and compliance costs
  • Unique patented technology developed and supported by Tecogen