State-of-the-art engines, heat recovery and emissions technology

Our Clean Energy Products Utilize Only the Most Proven and Practical Components and Technology

Our Clean Energy Products Utilize Only the Most Proven and Practical Components and Technology

Our Clean Energy products achieve this by incorporating state-of-the-art engines, power electronics, controls, heat recovery and emissions technology. At the same time, they utilize only the most proven and practical components and technology, standardized designs and established local service support. This has turned out to be a winning combination for our company and our customers for more than 25 years.

Our products offer a facility owner the ideal balance between ambitious benefits and long-term practicality. They achieve their lofty purpose while remaining grounding in the real world, supplying customers with higher efficiency and productivity - and ultimately superior cost savings.

Market-Leading Innovations

We invented the nation’s first packaged cogeneration module back in 1983 and have led the industry with:


The first standardized natural gas engine-driven chillers


The first R-134a-based engine-driven chillers


The first (and only) California Rule 21-certified engine-based cogeneration module


The first inverter-based engine-driven Cogeneration units


The first engine-based emissions controls able to meet California’s latest strict emissions standards


Received patents for Emissions Control


Launched InVerde e+

Our Products Were Developed with One-of-a-Kind Features

  • 32% electrical efficiency - Best in class!
  • Produce your own electricity 24/7 at half the cost of utility power
  • Backup power with grid-independent operation
  • Rapid black-start for Type 10 Emergency Power Supply System (EPSS)
  • Fully scalable from 10kW to multi-MW
  • Modular units rated for 100 kW grid-connected / 125 kVA stand-alone
  • Superior part load efficiency with turndown to 10% load
  • Ultra-low emissions levels, SCAQMD compliant and NJDEP exempt
  • Variable speed permanent magnet generator* 1
  • Inverter-based standardized utility interconnection*
  • Microgrid compatible with licensed CERTS power balancing control software* 2
  • 4” wc gas pressure requirement, no costly gas booster needed
  • Cloud based performance monitoring
  • 25% power boost for demand-side response
  • Streamlined multi-unit controls for lowest in class installation cost
  • Available with indoor or outdoor acoustic enclosure
  • Battery or renewable energy input available 3,4
  • Ultra-efficient heat pump
  1. *Developed and offered exclusively by Tecogen
  2. CERTS - Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions
  3. UL 1741 - Utility Interactive; inverters, converters, controllers and interconnection system equipment for use with distributed energy resources
  4. UL 2200 - Stationary engine generator assemblies

The Sensible Green Technology

Our products are truly green, in two ways:

Environmental Benefits

Our products deliver substantial and real environmental benefits, both to customers and to society at large, in the form of lower overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Financial Benefits

Our products deliver “green” back to efficiency-minded building owners, in the form of reduced operating costs and an attractive payback.

Exceptional Savings

Our ultra-efficient Cogeneration products can deliver significant energy and operating cost savings of up to 50% in many types of facilities.

Our Cogeneration products are among the very most efficient ways to provide electricity, heat and cooling to a building. This is because of their thrifty capture of “waste” heat, and the elimination of the thermal/generation losses and T&D line losses that are normally associated with how the utility gets power to your building. This huge leap in overall efficiency translates into immediate dollar savings for your facility, up to 50% in some applications and locations.

R&D Capabilities

Our R&D tradition and ongoing research have allowed us to cultivate deep engineering expertise and maintain continuity over several decades. We have sustained a strong core technical knowledge that is critical to ongoing product support and enhancements.