How It Works

Our TECOCHILL Natural Gas Engine-Driven Chillers provide building owners with a reliable, proven, efficient and cost-effective alternative to conventional electric chillers.


The only natural-gas engine driven chiller on the market - TECOCHILL's benefits are significant.

  • Lowest Operating Costs - TECOCHILL systems can cut a building's cooling costs in half, by switching to affordable natural gas our chillers eliminate most of the electrical load associated with providing cooling.
  • Demand Savings - TECOCHILL chillers reduce a building's on-peak electrical demand (kW) and energy (kWh) charges, especially in the summertime when electricity rates are at their highest, but when natural gas is "off-peak" and quite affordable.
  • Free Waste Heat - TECOCHILL also offers optional "waste" heat recovery that is always available anytime the chiller is running. This high-quality heat source (up to 230oF hot water) literally comes for free and can be captured and put to good use. The optional repurposing of available engine waste heat is what turns a TECOCHILL into an elegant "mechanical" cogeneration system.
  • More than Twice the Efficiency of Chiller Alternatives - TECOCHILL gas chillers provide the most efficient alternative to conventional electric chillers by far, with efficiencies (COP's) often double those of absorption chillers, even without taking into account free heat recovery. This means TECOCHILL operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions are cut in half as well.
  • Avoid Electrical Service Upgrades - TECOCHILL chillers can help a power-hungry building maintain or add necessary cooling capacity, without gobbling up limited electrical capacity, or requiring expensive upgrades to a building's electrical service.
  • Reduce Demand on Backup Power Systems - Because TECOCHILLs run on reliable natural gas and draw only minimal electrical load to operate the equipment controls, they can be operated in a blackout with minimal demand on backup power systems. This frees crucial backup power for other mission critical operations while maintaining sensitive climate controlled areas.
  • Hybrid Plant Flexibility - Sometimes TECOCHILLs are applied in 'hybrid' chiller plants that utilize both gas and electric chillers in order to lower a building's cooling costs. Hybrid plants give building owners the greatest flexibility and diversity - allowing a building owner to optimize their plant by utilizing whichever type of chiller offers the lowest cost by time of day and season.
  • Modular and Compact Design Eases Installation - Since no oversized pumps or cooling towers are required and thanks to TECOCHILL's compact footprint, TECOCHILLs can fit into the same tight mechanical room spaces that electric chillers do - easing installation in new and old buildings alike.


Reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions normally associated with electricity and hot water production


Reduction in utility-related operating costs