On-site Clean Power, Heating and Cooling

If you spend $100k or more on Energy, Tecogen may be able to slash it in half

How Does Cogeneration Work?

Why Choose Tecogen?


Spend $100,000 or more on energy? Slash your bills in half!

Power Outage Protection

Resiliency from Power Outages and everyday savings with Cogeneration


Over 3,200 units sold, 10+ million run hours and supported by nationwide factory service

Not enough power?

Cut your load by 300KW or more with Tecochill

Clean Emissions

Want to cut your greenhouse gas emissions by 40-60%?

How Cogeneration Works

How Cogeneration Works

  • A natural gas engine turns a generator to make electricity
  • Heat from the engine is recovered as usable hot water
  • Electricity is fed into the building, reducing the facility’s electrical consumption and utility bill 

Think of this as a generator that gives you FREE hot water or a boiler that gives you FREE electricity.

By getting two outputs from the same fuel input, you double the efficiency. 

We can also use the engine to turn an air-conditioning compressor. Then you can make chilled water and hot water. This is how our engine driven chillers work. If you want to control temperature and humidity such as in an industrial facility, or where you have a cooling and hot water load such as in a hospital, the Tecochill engine driven chiller can provide you tremendous savings. Afterall, you would buy a chiller anyway. With Tecochill, you have a chiller that saves you money. 

What Our Customers Say About Us

The Tecogen name has been synonymous with efficient, reliable and clean combined heat and power systems for on-site energy production and cooling for nearly four decades. Tecogen’s proven systems provide increased resiliency, lower energy costs, and decreased greenhouse gas emissions to the buildings they serve.

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