How It Works

How It Works

Our system uses a natural gas-fueled engine to generate electricity and hot water twice as efficiently as the grid. Cogeneration systems are now eligible for up to a 40% Federal Investment Tax credit. 

Electricity is fed into the building, thereby reducing the facility’s electrical consumption and utility bill significantly. At the same time, free “waste” heat is recovered and used to offset fuel that would otherwise have to be burned in the site’s water heaters and boilers. This allows the site’s boilers to not have to work as hard so the site’s gas bill (e.g., for space heating, domestic hot water (DHW), process hot water, pool heating, etc.) is also reduced.


 Tecogen's Cogeneration products offer significant benefits including


Reduction in utility-related operating costs


Reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions normally associated with electricity and hot water production

Cuts gas usage and gas bills in half
Save on electricity, demand charge reduction
Ultra-low emissions with near zero criteria pollutants
Compact size, fits through a standard doorway
Immense carbon savings, reduce your facility’s environmental impact
Real time monitoring