How It Works

Our system uses a proven natural gas-fueled engine to generate electricity. Electricity is fed into the building, thereby reducing the facility’s electrical consumption and utility bill significantly.

At the same time, free “waste” heat is recovered from the cogeneration system’s engine oil, jacket and exhaust heat. Captured heat is then used to offset fuel that would otherwise have to be burned in the site’s water heaters and boilers. This allows the site’s boilers to not have to work as hard. So the site’s gas bill (e.g., for space heating, domestic hot water (DHW), process hot water, pool heating, etc.) is reduced also.

"Waste" heat captured from the cogeneration system can also be fed into a device called an absorption chiller, which is able to convert the "waste" heat into cooling. This relieves the site’s other chillers (typically, electricity-powered) from having to do so much of the site’s air conditioning.


From the nation's original pioneer in packaged cogeneration, Tecogen's Cogeneration products offer significant benefits.

  • Exceptional Cost Savings - Tecogen Cogeneration products are among the most efficient ways to provide electricity and heat to a building. Fueled by plentiful and inexpensive natural gas, our time-tested internal combustion engines provide on-site generation of electricity while high-grade waste heat is recovered and purposefully used to serve the building's hot water and heating needs. This boost in overall efficiency translates into immediate dollar savings of up to 50% for the building owner.
  • Best in Class Efficiency - Tecogen's Cogeneration modules lead the industry in electrical efficiency, delivering additional savings to customers.
  • Reliable and Affordable Fuel Source - Fueled by plentiful and inexpensive natural gas, our internal combustion engines deliver on-site electric power generation and heating (or cooling) services for a fraction of the price of traditional suppliers and far more reliably than alternatives.
  • Ultra Clean - Extraordinary efficiency translates into less fuel consumption, lowering a building's energy-related carbon footprint by delivering considerable reduction (in excess of 40%) in greenhouse gas emissions. With our patented Ultera emissions control system, pollutant emissions are nearly eliminated (on par with fuel cells), meeting the toughest air quality standards in the country.
  • Real Time Monitoring - Fitted with our custom real time, cloud-based monitoring and data analytics package powered by CHPInsight Equipment, our cogeneration units are continuously analyzed to ensure optimal operation and maximize savings for customers.
  • Fully Scalable & Microgrid Compatible - Our modular units can be installed in multiples, offering fully scalable cogeneration solutions from 10kW to multi-MW systems. Using exclusively licensed CERTS microgrid control software, multi-unit installations seamlessly balance power for ease of operation.
  • Unsurpassed Quality & Safety - Tecogen Cogeneration modules are ETL-Listed for product safety certification and have been type tested to comply with various other rigorous standards. All units are factory run-tested at full-load prior to shipment to ensure superior quality.
  • Simplified Installation & Interconnection - Tecogen Cogeneration modules come fully pre-packaged from the factory, including engine, generator, oil/jacket/exhaust heat recovery, controls, electrical switchgear, emissions treatment, and are equipped for remote monitoring - saving customers money by minimizing installation cost and complexity in the field. Similarly, our comprehensive third-party certifications (ETL/IEEE/UL/NYSIR/NJDEP/etc.) provide streamlined interconnection permitting with the local electric utility.


Reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions normally associated with electricity and hot water production


Reduction in utility-related operating costs