Collecting, Analyzing and Managing Data

Powered by CHPInsight's real-time equipment monitoring and analytics technology, our CHPInsight platform allows us to collect, analyze and manage valuable assets data continuously and in real time, providing improved insight into the functionality of our CHP fleet.

Backed by our robust and secure, cloud-based solution, we are able to enhance the operation of our systems by ensuring they consistently operate at peak performance and that runtimes are optimized to deliver constant value for our customers. CHPInsight offers customers the most advanced, reliable equipment monitoring and diagnostics solution available. By continuously ensuring maximum uptime and efficiency, CHPInsight saves our customers money while protecting their valuable capital assets for decades to come.

Real-Time Data Monitoring and Analytics

CHPInsight allows customers to take advantage of a more seamless and proactive maintenance approach while ensuring peak performance of installed equipment and improving the equipment payback period for our customers. The Industrial Internet solution permits remote monitoring and diagnostics while viewing system results in real time via computer, smart phone or tablet.

"Keeping our equipment running as much as possible is paramount because the more they run, the more the customer saves money."

Benjamin Locke
Tecogen CEO