Reimagining Energy Efficiency

At Tecogen, we pride ourselves on being the leading manufacturer of clean energy solutions

Tecogen-Always Innovating, Never Imitating

The Tecogen name has been synonymous with efficient, reliable and clean combined heat and power systems for on-site energy production for nearly four decades. Tecogen’s proven distributed generation systems provide increased resiliency, lower energy costs, and decreased greenhouse gas emissions to the buildings they serve.

Next-Generation Manufacturer of Distributed Generation Products

The original designer of packaged cogeneration equipment, for over four decades Tecogen has pioneered the development of efficient, reliable and clean technologies for on-site energy production. With over 2,400 units shipped, the company has an industry-leading reputation for delivering quality, technically superior products that reduce energy costs, cut greenhouse gas emissions and alleviate congestion on the national power grid.

Pioneering cleaner and more affordable energy

Environmental concerns, economic viability, grid and building resiliency, policy initiatives and social responsibility are all factors driving the need for increased use of reliable, clean and efficient on-site energy systems. For over 30 years we have been helping customers integrate distributed energy resources into their facilities. We share our customers’ pioneering passion for reliable, cleaner and more affordable energy.

Specifically trained personnel focused on supporting our cogeneration products

We have multiple service centers located in California, the Midwest and the Northeast. Our support organization is a distinctive competency, with personnel specifically trained and focused on supporting Tecogen’s gas engine-driven systems alone. Tecogen takes great pride in its exceptional care of equipment and customers, well beyond the date of sale.


Our clean energy and emissions control systems are well suited for a wide variety of facilities ranging from residential and educational buildings to recreational and commercial facilities.

Facilities that Benefit from our Products

Cutting Edge Technology

All of our cogeneration systems use cutting edge technology to generate electrical power, along with thermal power recovered from the natural gas engine. Though a valuable source of energy, thermal power is usually lost in electrical production in the form of waste heat. However, captured and recycled thermal power can be used for very energy demanding heating processes, such as heating spaces and water.

How our Technology Works

Ultra Efficient Products

Our ultra-efficient products include cogeneration modules, which provide electricity and heat, and chillers, which provide air-conditioning and optional free hot water. Our products supply electrical power or mechanical power for cooling, as well as free engine heat that gets recovered and purposefully used at customer facilities. Broadly speaking, they are all considered cogeneration systems.                      

Our design team focuses on the development of standardized, modular, small-scale products, with a limited number of product configurations and a high degree of factory pre-packaging, so that quick and successful application in a wide variety of customer facilities can be achieved, simplifying field installation and avoiding costly custom design.

Start Producing Cleaner Energy

A History of Market-Leading Innovations

We pride ourselves on having been there first, with innovative, new and better ideas, on numerous occasions. We commercialize, refine and support these pioneering concepts over the long haul for the benefit of our customers.

What We’ve Been Up To Since the 1960s

Industry Affiliations

We are an active and leading member of numerous industry associations that support clean cogeneration and energy efficiency.


Our team proudly boasts more than 100 years of combined industry experience.