Ultera Retrofit Kits

Ultera Retrofit Kits
Ultera Retrofit Kits
How It Works

How It Works

Ultera low emissions treatment system is as easy as 1-2-3

Product Features & Benefits

  • Simple 3-step complete emissions after-treatment system
  • Manufacturer turnkey installation and application support available
  • Peace of mind with proven robust emissions compliance
  • Low cost product, minimal maintenance, low life cycle costs
  • No changes to the existing engine or controllers required
  • No addition of chemicals needed
  • Completely self-adjusting and self-contained system
  • Available fleet monitoring
  • Range of configurations available for various engine horsepower and site needs
  • Reduced operator intervention and compliance costs
  • Unique patented technology developed and supported by Tecogen

The Patented Ultera System Provides Peace of Mind

Our Ultera low emissions retrofit kits deliver simple, cost-effective and robust solutions for meeting even the most stringent emissions standards. The patented Ultera system is available for installation on select rich-burn natural gas engines. The patented Ultera system provides peace of mind by widening the air-fuel control window by nearly four times and can lower NOx and CO (criteria pollutants) to near-zero levels without the need for complex additional controls or frequent maintenance.

Patented Advanced Ultra-Clean Emissions System

We originally developed and patented the Ultera low emission control technology for our own cogeneration products and have since decided to make the technology available for retrofit on non-Tecogen applications.

Performance of our Ultera retrofit kit on a Caterpillar engine

Performance of our Ultera retrofit kit on a Caterpillar engine

Various end market applications

The Ultera Retrofit Kit is an add-on option for all systems – whether they’re Tecogen products or another brand

The Ultera low emissions retrofit kit is available as an add-on for all our products, but it can also be added on to your already existing equipment.