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Factory Service: Ensuring Peak Performance so you earn Peak Savings

By selecting our factory service agreement, your equipment will be maintained by our nationwide network of factory trained expert technicians. With our full inventory of factory certified parts and all necessary lifetime equipment upgrades included in your agreement, you can rest assured your equipment will run for decades to come, ensuring you achieve maximum savings.

Application and Implementation Analysis and Support

We’ll help you decide if your facility is a good fit for cogeneration. We will analyze your utility bills and loads, and size a system specifically for you. We’ll quantify the environmental and economic benefits, so you’ll know how much your facility will benefit, as well as assist with engineering and permitting.

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Installation Services

Choosing our turnkey installation service ensures your equipment installation will be smooth and your equipment will be optimized for a long and profitable operating life. Choose from our full turnkey solutions or a light package of engineered accessories.

Our turnkey installation service is available on all products and includes system design, load modules, factory-engineered accessories and installation.

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CHPInsight's Real-Time Monitoring System Turns Data into Results

Our Cogeneration units are equipped with CHPInsight’s Equipment Insight solution to enhance the performance of each product. CHPInsight’s Equipment Insight solution ensures the machinery consistently operates at peak performance and that runtimes are optimized to deliver value for customers. With the majority of our customers opting for long-term maintenance agreements, having an advanced, reliable equipment monitoring and diagnostics solution that is continuously operating is essential to ensuring uptime and efficiency.

How CHPInsight's Equipment Insight Works

Turnkey Light Solutions

Custom designed with your facility in mind, our factory engineered accessories, load modules and building integration skids are built by our cogeneration experts and shipped to your site pre-assembled – speeding installation and ensuring your cogeneration equipment will operate optimally, right from day 1 and for decades to come.

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In order to better serve our customers, we stock a full spare parts inventory for our cogeneration and chiller products at all of our local factory service offices coast to coast.

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Nationwide Service & Maintenance

Our expert factory technicians will ensure your equipment is properly taken care of throughout its lifetime. Our extensive national service network and popular factory service programs can provide all the preventative maintenance the equipment needs. All service will be performed consistent with factory-recommended intervals and procedures. We will make all the unscheduled repairs required, as well as replace worn components as they age, so your system will still be delivering its maximum Cogeneration benefits even decades from now.

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