Application Support

A Full Range of Expert Technical Application Support

We will help you get your project done right. We provide a full range of expert technical application support for all of our clean energy products to ensure a successful result for your facility.

System Sizing

Our experience and practical perspective will help you pick the proper, optimal system size for your project. We will help you find your CHP "sweet spot" by recommending a system big enough to deliver substantial benefits and maximum efficiency, but not so big that it is oversized. Your Tecogen recommended cogeneration solution will be appropriately and conservatively matched to your building based on your true electrical, thermal and cooling loads - ensuring it will deliver the best economic return and overall efficiencies.

Economic Feasibility

We offer expert and detailed economic assessments, taking into account true utility rate structures and charges, equipment operating-hours, installation and maintenance costs, and efficiencies. Our analyses are realistic, detailed and objective.

Environmental Assessments

We will quantify the substantial environmental benefits that will be delivered by your cogeneration or cooling Cogeneration systems. We'll show you the real Greenhouse Gas (GHG)/ CO2 emissions reductions that will be achieved by your actual project, year after year.

Air Permitting

We understand the intricacies of local air permitting like no one else and will help you determine which local regulations are applicable to your project. We'll also fill out all the necessary forms and provide support to demonstrate ongoing compliance to ensure the whole process goes smoothly from start to finish.

Electrical Interconnection

Our special equipment certifications, rigorous technical documentation and deep field experience ensure your Cogeneration project's interconnection to the grid goes smoothly with Tecogen experts working with your local utility to get you through the process successfully.

Engineering Design

We will provide extensive engineering support during the entire design and installation phase of your project. We help consulting engineers, owners and installers with detailed technical installation manuals, sample drawings, application guidelines and customized equipment selections. Later, our experts provide a free review of your project's proposed engineering drawings to provide feedback before installation. This ensures that our top-notch equipment gets a similarly first-rate customized interface in your building.


We will connect you with qualified local installation contractors in your area who can help you get a handle on true installation costs. These contractors (or alternatively, us, on a "turnkey" basis) will provide you with attractive, firm installation quotations. We will be there to support you and the contractor during construction.


Various projects qualify for a wide range of incentives. We will help you identify and obtain any special incentives and rebates that might be available for your project, from utility, federal, state or local sources. We can also help you find appropriate equipment financing programs or partners if needed.