Tecochill Water-Cooled Chillers

Tecochill Water-Cooled Chillers
Tecochill Water-Cooled Chillers

Water-Cooled Engine-Driven Chillers

Our TECOCHILL “STx Series” and “DTx Series” product lines offer water-cooled engine-driven chillers, ranging from 150 to 400 tons of cooling capacity. Each natural gas engine drives a variable-speed single-screw rotary compressor, connected to a standard vapor compression refrigeration system utilizing environmentally-friendly HFC-134a refrigerant.

TECOCHILL’s “STx Series” models feature a single driveline (one engine) to provide up to 200 tons of capacity, whereas TECOCHILL’s “DTx Series” models use dual drivelines (two engines) to provide up to 400 tons of cooling capacity.

Water-Cooled Engine-Driven Chillers

Product Features & Benefits

The benefit to you

A dramatic reduction in your energy costs while reducing strain on your electrical and standby power systems - freeing valuable electrical capacity for other useful purpose.

The benefit to society

A significant reduction in carbon, greenhouse gas emissions, and the harmful pollutants that contribute to smog

  • Proven and durable 7.4-liter natural gas engine
  • Optional emissions controls, able to comply with the world’s most stringent emissions control standards
  • Variable-speed operation standard, yielding high part-load efficiencies and longer life
  • Free high-temperature engine jacket and exhaust waste recovery available (as much as 800,000 Btu/hr in the form of 230°F hot water is available per engine)
  • Ultra-high efficiencies (Integrated Part Load Value IPLV COP of 2.6), highest of any available gas chillers
  • R-134a refrigerant
  • Sturdy single-screw balanced action compressor
  • Footprint comparable to an electric chiller’s
  • Microprocessor-based controls, with Modbus compatibility and remote monitoring capability
  • Factory run tested at full load for rigorous quality control and unsurpassed safety
  • Operates with electrical minimal strain on standby power systems in case of emergency
  • Switching to natural gas engine driven cooling frees electrical capacity for other useful purpose
  • Minimizes cooling-related electric bills in peak times


The most common applications for TECOCHILL chillers are facilities with significant cooling loads and ownership interested in reducing strain on their electrical infrastructure - both day-to-day and during a blackout.

Turnkey Light Load Module

Turnkey Light Solutions

Custom designed with your facility in mind, our factory engineered accessories, load modules and building integration skids are built by our cogeneration experts and shipped to your site pre-assembled – speeding installation and ensuring your cogeneration equipment will operate optimally, right from day 1 and for decades to come.

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Take Advantage of Government Incentives

Every one of our products qualifies for various incentives based on territory and application site type. Our products will also help your facility qualify for LEED green building-type certifications.