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Ice Rink & Low Temperature Chillers

With over 40 years of expertise crafting process chillers for industrial settings, we can easily maintain optimal ice temperatures for your hockey, figure skating, or curling rink. Don’t be stuck suffering potential revenue losses due to unscheduled downtime and quality issues. Our dependable, centralized cooling solutions promote consistency throughout your rink and can easily run when the power is out, unveiling enhanced 24/7 availability and minimizing revenue loss. Experience excellence from installation onwards – choose Tecogen for your HVAC and power needs!

Natural gas is a quarter of the price of electricity, making our ice rink chillers the least expensive to run.

Reduce Operating Costs While Boosting Resiliency

Our low temperature chillers are a proven way for ice rinks to reduce their operating costs and carbon footprint significantly. Powered by natural gas rather than electricity, Tecogen’s chillers only require 2 kW of electricity to run, making it the best option for resiliency against power outages. Even during blackouts, only a downsized backup generator is required to ensure critical services and sensitive climate-controlled environments are maintained.

The use of natural gas gives our chillers a significant economic advantage by providing cooling at a 40-60% lower operating cost than electric chillers. When running our chillers, you are creating chilled water and hot water simultaneously. The hot water produced during the chiller’s operation increases the efficiency of your manufacturing facility by relegating your boilers to a backup role. We use hot water every day for dehumidification/reheat, space heating, cleaning, domestic hot water, process heating, and, most importantly, helping to keep your processes running smoothly and efficiently!

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Heat Recovery Chiller for Efficient Operation

We provide a range of in-stock and custom low temperature chillers built for ice making with hot water recovery. Count on us to deliver efficient engineered solutions for ice rinks with simultaneous thermal capture. Rink facilities can easily cover these thermal needs with a Tecogen chiller:

  • Refilling of Zamboni hot water for ice resurfacing
  • Dehumidification
  • Space heating
  • Domestic hot water (DHW)
  • Ice pit melting
  • Sub soil heating

Do you use thermal energy for a different rink application? Let us know – we’re here to help.

Advantages of Tecogen Ice Rink Chillers


In low-temperature applications, substantial pull-downs are common, yet many competitors focus solely on final temperature considerations, leading to inefficient chiller operation. At Tecogen, we've engineered our systems to facilitate rapid and efficient pull-downs across the entire temperature range. Our low-temp chillers ensure consistent operation without the need for constant human intervention.


Expect reliability with every Tecogen ice rink chiller. With an impressive uptime rate of 99.8% during 24/7 operation, our chillers can maintain consistent year-round or seasonal operation. All Tecogen ice rink chillers and cogeneration systems may be serviced by our nationwide factory service program. This ensures the longest life with the best available uptime of any competing system on the market.


Our low temperature chillers are designed to accommodate 1-100+ pieces of equipment, ensuring scalability for future expansion. Whether you're launching with a modest setup or need a robust chilling system for extensive operations, our low temp chillers are adaptable to grow with your needs.

To learn more about the features of our packaged refrigeration systems, reach out to our expert team.


With flexible redundancy customization options, you can trust that your ice stays frozen. A few redundancy options are capacity redundancy, dual or multi-circuit units, auto-changeover redundant pumps, and city water bypass apparatus.


Manage your chiller and refrigeration system with ease with intelligent technology features and customized control options. A few features include custom programming for application control, remote login access, central control for multiple units, on-board or remote touchscreen options, and alerts in case of alarm.

Beyond the customization options listed, we possess the design and engineering proficiency to craft a bespoke industrial chiller perfectly suited to your specific needs. Whether you need digital flow meters, circuit breakers for electrical components, corrosion resistance, or other features, reach out to discover more about our custom capabilities.

How Does an Ice Rink Stay Frozen

The primary method of refrigeration employed in maintaining the frozen state of an ice rink is through an indirect refrigeration system. In this system, a chiller mechanically cools a liquid refrigerant to absorb heat from a secondary liquid (often brine), which has already absorbed heat from the source. Therefore, the indirect process is that the refrigerant does not directly contact the heat source.

Why Brine? Brine water is a calcium-chloride solution which serves as an effective anti-freeze agent. With a lower freezing point than the water on the surface, brine can remain in liquid form as it circulates through the pipes, but it remains cold enough to freeze the water on the rink surface.

At the Skating Club of Boston, they currently use 1000 tons of nominal cooling capacity with this method. This includes four Tecochill CH-200x chillers (800 nominal tons) used entirely for making the three sheets of ice, and one Tecochill CH-200x used as a “swing” chiller which can alternate between producing air conditioning and ice production. Other ice rinks may use air-cooled chillers depending on the available space.


Discover the advantages of our air-cooled chillers. Utilizing ambient air to efficiently extract heat from your space, these energy-efficient and space-saving units are often bundled in quick installation packages, providing cost savings. Alternatively, our water-cooled chillers employ external cooling tower water to dissipate heat, offering durability, quiet operation, and energy efficiency comparable to air-cooled counterparts. Explore the optimal cooling solutions for your cultivation processes.

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We help ice rinks and low-temperature processes determine which system benefits them most. Multiple chillers are often used to accommodate custom facilities.

Get Your Ice Rink Chillers Today

We are the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of low temperature chillers. We provide robust, engineered solutions, and have vast expertise to ensure your ice making operation runs smoothly. Our team is reliable and dedicated to ensuring your success.

Reasons to choose us for your chiller needs:

  • Not enough electricity
  • 40+ years of experience
  • Proven 99.8% available uptime
  • Custom solutions
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA in North Billerica, MA
  • Short lead times
  • Outstanding customer and technical support
  • Lowest operating cost

You can find our industrial chiller line through our network of representatives. You can also contact us directly by requesting a quote online or calling (781) 466-6400 to discuss the best process chiller for your application and budget.

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