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Brewery Chillers

Explore unparalleled brewing experiences with our state-of-the-art industrial process brewery chillers. Tecogen brings you a range of cutting-edge solutions, including packaged air-cooled chillers and packaged water-cooled chillers. Elevate your brewing operations with decades of expertise dedicated to solving intricate cooling challenges. Experience excellence from installation onwards – discover the Tecogen difference in brewing innovation!

Natural gas is a quarter of the price of electricity, making our brewery chillers the least expensive to run.

Brewery Chiller Uses

Leverage the efficiency of our industrial-grade brewery chillers, designed for seamless process cooling that efficiently draws heat from your brewing equipment. Tailored for a diverse range of brewing processes, our units ensure optimal performance and smooth operation for:

brewery chiller process map
  • Wort cooling
  • Brite tank temperature control
  • Fermentation temperature control
  • Crash cooling
  • Pre-packaging
  • Product storage

Do you need a brewery chiller for a different brewing process? Let us know – we’re here to help.

Reduce Operating Costs While Boosting Resiliency

Our brewery chillers are a proven way for breweries to reduce their operating costs and carbon footprint significantly. Powered by natural gas rather than electricity, Tecogen’s brewery chillers only require 2-3 kW of electricity to run making it the best option for resiliency against power outages. Even during blackouts, only a downsized backup generator is required to ensure critical services and sensitive climate-controlled environments are maintained.

The use of natural gas gives our brewery chillers a significant economic advantage by providing cooling at a 40-60% lower operating cost than electric brewery chillers. When running our brewery chillers, you are creating chilled water and hot water simultaneously. The hot water produced during the chiller’s operation increases the efficiency of your brewery by relegating your boilers to a backup role. We use brewery hot water every day for washing down the floors, cleaning tanks, sanitizing product pathways, dish washing, cooking, hand washing and, most importantly, brewing beer!

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Our Brewery Chillers

Choose from our ready-to-ship inventory of both air-cooled and water-cooled brewery chillers, ensuring swift delivery for your immediate needs. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to engineer custom brewery chillers precisely tailored to your specifications. Find the perfect cooling solution from our options.


Discover the advantages of our air-cooled brewery chillers. Utilizing ambient air to efficiently extract heat from your brewing operations, these energy-efficient and space-saving units are often bundled in quick installation packages, providing cost savings. Alternatively, our water-cooled chillers employ external cooling tower water to dissipate heat, offering durability, quiet operation, and energy efficiency comparable to air-cooled counterparts. Explore the optimal cooling solutions for your brewing processes.

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Our Brewery Chiller Product Line

We help craft and micro breweries determine which system benefits them most.

Brewery Chiller vs Standard Chiller


Distinguish your brewing operations with our industrial-grade brewery chillers, purpose-built for robust performance. Unlike standard comfort chillers, our units are engineered with industrial-grade mechanisms, providing the heavy-duty strength essential for rugged brewing processes. Achieve optimal cooling for your brewing equipment with unparalleled temperature precision and reliability, ensuring the craftsmanship of the finest beers. Elevate your brewing experience with chiller solutions designed for the demands of industrial brewing.


A standard comfort chiller doesn’t have the capacity to provide the low temperatures and accurate temperature controls you need in an efficient brewery chiller. To deliver such consistent performance, we use a positive displacement screw compressor designed to maintain temperatures as low as 5°F with a setpoint control of +/- 0.5°F. With better control over temperatures, your brew tastes just as good after the thousandth batch as it did on the first.


Experience unmatched reliability year-round with our industrial-grade brewery chillers, outperforming off-the-shelf comfort coolers. Unlike standard units that struggle in colder weather, our engineered solutions ensure consistent performance regardless of the season. Keep your brewing operations robust with year-round functionality, including low-temperature options that can operate in ambient temperatures as low as -40°F. Discover a brewing companion designed for all-season operation and ensuring your processes run seamlessly in any weather condition.


Rethink your choice of off-the-shelf chillers from brewing equipment suppliers. While convenient, these options often lack the specialized expertise required to meet the unique refrigeration demands of your brewery. Our team of engineers specializes in delivering tailored solutions precisely calibrated to your brewing processes. Trust in our expertise to provide the precise refrigeration technology necessary to keep your taps flowing smoothly. Leave your brewery chiller in the hands of the experts for optimal performance and peace of mind.

Selecting the Right Sized Brewery Chiller

Ensuring your brewery chiller meets your exact needs requires careful consideration. Our expert team will walk you through the selection process, tailoring the solution to your specific requirements. We consider various factors to guarantee that your chiller enhances your brewing operations, including:

man inspecting brewery chiller

  • Beer volume (bbl)
  • Pull-down/crashing loads
  • Active fermentation heat load
  • Wort heat exchanger secondary heat load
  • Brite tank holding load
  • Compensation factors for heat loss in pipes,
    pumps, and other equipment

Leave the brewery chiller size calculations to us! We’ll tally the figures we need to recommend the correct BTU per hour for optimal performance.

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