Grounded in Revolutionizing Clean Energy

Tecogen was formed in the early 1960's as the R&D/ New Business Center of Thermo Electron Corporation. For the next 20 years, this group performed fundamental and applied research in many energy-related fields to develop new technologies.

The first packaged cogeneration unit of its kind

During the late 1970s, new federal legislation enabled electricity customers to sell power back to their utility. Thermo Electron recognized an opportunity to merge its technology and know-how, and serve a new market for cogeneration systems. In 1982, the R&D group released its first major product, a 60-kW cogenerator, the first packaged cogeneration unit of its kind. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, air-conditioning and refrigeration products using the same gas engine-driven technology were introduced, beginning with a 150-ton chiller.

Tecogen's formation

In 1987, Tecogen was spun out as a separate entity by Thermo Electron (which is now Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., NYSE:TMO). In 1992, Tecogen became a division of the newly formed Thermo Power Corporation, along with three other Thermo Electron subsidiaries (Crusader Engines, FES, and NuTemp, a 1994 acquisition).

In 2000, Thermo Power was dissolved, and Tecogen was sold to a group of private investors, including Thermo Electron's original founders, Dr. George Hatsopoulos and John Hatsopoulos.

Market-Leading Innovations

We have been there first, with innovative, new and better ideas, on numerous occasions. We have commercialized, refined and supported these pioneering concepts over the long haul for the benefit of our customers.

We invented the nation's first packaged cogeneration module back in 1982, and have led the industry with:

  • The first standardized natural gas engine-driven chillers in 1987
  • The first R-134a-based engine-driven chillers in 1999
  • The first (and still only) California Rule 21-certified engine-based cogeneration module in 2002
  • The first inverter-based engine-driven Cogeneration units in 2008
  • The first engine-based emissions controls able to meet California's latest strict emissions standards in 2011

Other notable successes include:


Relaunched Tecofrost natural gas engine driven screw package for industrial refrigeration


UL 1741SA Smart Inverter Certification


Tenth Service Center opens in Florida


"CHPInsight" is launched to optimize Cogeneration solutions


ULTRATEK Phase 1 testing proves Ultera highly effective at automotive emissions control, delivering substantial reduction of pollutants in excess of currently available technologies


InVerde e+ introduced offering rapid blackstart for NFPA Type 10 Emergency Power, superior 33% electrical efficiency, and DC input integration for battery and renewables


"ULTRATEK" joint venture formed to develop Ultera for automotive applications


First biofuel application of an Ultera ultra-clean emission retrofit kit


Application of Ultera retrofit to commercial 130kW standby natural gas generator


Ilios "Split System" Water Heater launched, offering increased flexibility for installation


Ilios Water-Sourced heat pump launched offering both chilled and hot water


Worldwide patent granted for Tecogen's Ultera low emissions technology


Application of Ultera system to municipal water pump engine in California


UL 2200 certification obtained for InVerde product line, California OSHPD and IBC seismic certification earned by TECOCHILL STx & DTx chillers, ANSI Z21.40.2/UL 1995 certification and CE Mark obtained for Ilios heat pumps


Ilios ultra high-efficiency heating technology introduced - an engine-driven heat pump more than twice as efficient as conventional water heaters


Fourth-generation emissions controls capable of meeting latest ultra-low California standards, with partial R&D sponsorship coming from CEC, Sempra Utilities, and others


First inverter-based Cogeneration module to obtain CE mark for European Union (EU)


Exclusive CERTS microgrid introduced on InVerde, offering superior system resiliency, seamless load transfer, and elimination of master/slave control configuration


InVerde INV-100 is first Inverter-based Cogeneration unit added to the NY Dept. of Public Utilities NYSIR list of Certified Interconnection Equipment


Launch of the InVerde engine-driven cogeneration module, the only engine-driven inverter-based packaged Cogeneration module in the world. Offers customers "seamless" transfer capability (CERTS-compatible), black-start option, variable speed operation with improved part-load efficiency, and streamlined grid interconnection. Development effort supported in part by California Energy Commission (CEC) and others


Exclusive custom permanent magnet generator introduced to equipment line


Patents granted for controlling engine emissions and for a inverter-based cogeneration system with a variable speed engine


Standardized "TCP" cogeneration system control package developed, with built-in master/slave control - providing single-source control of multiple Cogeneration units and hot water loads to maximize efficiency and savings for customers


CM-60 & CM-75 become the first engine-driven Cogeneration modules added to the New York Department of Public Utilities NYSIR list of Certified Interconnection Equipment (Tecogen Cogeneration modules remain the only engine-driven modules listed)


First engine-driven Cogeneration module (and still the only one) to obtain full California Electric Rule 21 certification, for simplified interconnection


First R-134a-based engine-driven chillers ever introduced, utilizing environmentally friendly refrigerant and offering the highest efficiencies (IPLV COP's) of any gas chillers (Tecochill STx & DTx Series, third-generation water-cooled)


"TecoNet" microprocessor controller upgrade to the original microprocessor design


Air-cooled gas engine-driven chillers and condensing units developed (Tecochill RT Series)


First two-stage catalytic converter units sold in Southern California


Second-generation gas engine-driven screw chiller introduced (Tecochill ST Series, with streamlined design)


First low-emissions units developed for Southern California


First natural gas engine-driven chillers ever to obtain ETL product Listing


First cogeneration modules ever to obtain ETL product listing, verifying compliance with national IEEE/UL standards


High-output CM-75 Cogeneration Module introduced


1 million total operating-hours logged on Tecogen units installed at actual customer sites


First standardized natural gas engine-driven screw chillers ever introduced (TECOCHILL CH-150; water-cooled, first generation)


Specialized cogeneration modules developed for US and Japanese markets (e.g., synchronous generators, diesel-fueled, sizes 30 to 850 kW)


First Remote Monitoring and Control System (RMCS) developed, for monitoring, control, diagnostics, and data-logging by a remote user


First commercial sales of Tecogen Cogeneration Module


Initial design of the nation's first packaged "cogenerator", the Tecogen CM-60