InVerde e+ 125KW

InVerde e+ 125KW
InVerde e+ 125KW
A Clean Energy Solution for Today and Tomorrow

A Clean Energy Solution for Today and Tomorrow

The InVerde e+ module is the first and only clean natural gas engine-driven cogeneration system able to operate within the extremely low levels of regulated pollutants allowed by the distributed generation regulations for 2007 set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The InVerde e+ emissions not only meet but exceed the stringent CARB 2007 regulations by utilizing our technology developed under a California Energy Commission (CEC) sponsored research program.

InVerde e+ is an improved cogeneration that leaves an even smaller ecological footprint. Each newly designed unit is tested by an industry-standard 15-minute emissions test measuring the levels of both NOx and CO versus time. The measurements are well below the CARB compliance limits, averaging less than 1ppm.

Product Features & Benefits

InVerde uses an inverter that is truly unique in the world of engine-driven cogeneration modules.

The benefit to you

A dramatic reduction in your energy costs while providing peace of mind that you will never be left in the dark

The benefit to society

A significant reduction in carbon, greenhouse gas emissions, and the harmful pollutants that contribute to smog

  • 33% Electrical Efficiency (94% overall) - Best in Class!
  • Produce your own electricity 24/7 at half the cost of utility power
  • InVerde e+ patented variable speed operation allows for 10 kW to 125 kW output
  • Fully scalable from 10kW to multi-MW
  • Emergency power with grid-independent operation (125 kVA)
  • Rapid black-start for Type 10 Emergency Power Supply System (EPSS)
  • Superior part load efficiency with turndown to 10% load
  • Ultra-low emissions levels, SCAQMD compliant and NJDEP exempt
  • Inverter-based streamlined utility interconnection
  • Microgrid compatible with licensed CERTS1 power balancing control software
  • 4” WC gas pressure requirement, no costly gas booster needed
  • Cloud-based, real-time performance monitoring available via Tecognen’s Cogeneration Insight
  • 25% power boost for demand-side response (peaking up to 125 kW)
  • Streamlined multi-unit controls for lowest in class installation cost
  • Available with indoor or outdoor acoustic enclosure
  • DC input feature for seamless battery and solar PV integration
  • UL1741 certified for standardized and safe utility interconnection
  • UL2200 certified for engine/generator product safety
  1. CERTS - Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions


The most common applications for the InVerde e+ are facilities that have concurrent and consistent electric and heating loads and ownership that values strong building resiliency while generating savings day after day.

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Every one of our products qualifies for various incentives based on territory and application site type. Our products will also help your facility qualify for LEED green building-type certifications.