TECOCHILL Air-Cooled Chillers

TECOCHILL Air-Cooled Chillers
TECOCHILL Air-Cooled Chillers

Air-Cooled Engine-Driven Chillers

Our TECOCHILL® “RT Series” product line offers air-cooled engine-driven packaged chillers with 50 tons of cooling capacity. These engine-driven chillers produce chilled water without the need for a cooling tower, and are installed outdoors for ambient air-cooling of the condenser.

Each chiller’s natural gas engine drives a reciprocating-type piston compressor, as part of a standard vapor compression refrigeration system. TECOCHILL’s RT Series chillers utilize environmentally friendly HFC-404a refrigerant. These chillers can be customized to suit your particular application with special options, including engine emissions controls, engine heat recovery, low-ambient control, hot gas bypass, coil guards and ultra-quiet fans.

Air-Cooled Engine-Driven Chillers

Product Features & Benefits

The benefit to you

A dramatic reduction in your energy costs while reducing strain on your electrical and standby power systems - freeing valuable electrical capacity for other useful purpose

The benefit to society

A significant reduction in carbon, greenhouse gas emissions, and the harmful pollutants that contribute to smog

  • Proven and durable natural gas engine
  • Variable-speed operation standard, yielding high part-load efficiencies and longer life
  • Free high-temperature engine waste recovery available (up to 175,000 Btu/hr in the form of 160°F hot water)
  • Ultra-high efficiencies (Integrated Part Load Value IPLV COP of 1.3), highest of any available air-cooled gas chiller
  • Footprint comparable to an electric chiller’s
  • Microprocessor-based controls with Modbus compatibility and remote monitoring capability
  • Air-cooled system eliminates the need for cooling towers
  • Factory run tested at full load for rigorous quality control and unsurpassed safety
  • Operates with electrical minimal strain on standby power systems in case of emergency
  • Switching to natural gas engine driven cooling frees electrical capacity for other useful purpose
  • Minimizes cooling-related electric bills in peak times


The most common applications for TECOCHILL air-cooled chillers are facilities with significant cooling loads (who would rather avoid the use of costly cooling towers) and ownership interested in reducing strain on their electrical infrastructure - both day-to-day and during a blackout.

Take Advantage of Government Incentives

Every one of our products qualifies for various incentives based on territory and application site type. Our products will also help your facility qualify for LEED green building-type certifications.