Extensive Know-How for Implementing Cogeneration Systems

Our knowledge is second to none when it comes to properly implementing a cogeneration system for a facility, as the pioneering small-cogeneration manufacturer and as the long-term service & maintenance provider for many customers. Selecting Tecogen expert turnkey installation ensures your efficient clean energy equipment is installed right on day one - with supporting infrastructure optimized to allow for ease of long term maintenance and peak equipment performance.

Unique Expertise and Hands-On Experience

Our unique expertise and hands-on experience means we can provide customers with highly efficient and economical cogeneration systems that are properly designed, installed on time and with a single point of contact throughout the process.

We have installed more than 200 cogeneration units nationwide. Our in-house staffing and specialized expertise gives us the capability of helping any end-user, energy-service company (ESCO) or facility manager with:

  • System sizing and selection
  • On-site energy monitoring for appropriate system sizing
  • Value engineering
  • Incentive application development and submission
  • Engineering (mechanical, electrical, structural, controls)
  • Permitting
  • Scheduling
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance
Turnkey Light Load Module

Turnkey Light Solutions

Custom designed with your facility in mind, our factory engineered accessories, load modules and building integration skids are built by our cogeneration experts and shipped to your site pre-assembled – speeding installation and ensuring your cogeneration equipment will operate optimally, right from day 1 and for decades to come.

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