Datacenter Power Generators & Chillers

Datacenter Power Generators & Chillers

Data center cooling poses a significant strain on IT budgets, accounting for about 40% of a data center's energy consumption. However, a new wave of data center cooling technology is emerging, offering cost-effective solutions that improve reliability while minimizing energy expenditure. Datacenter’s favor Tecogen’s chillers for their unwavering performance and versatility in meeting varying load demands, crucial for meeting rising market demands. Experience excellence from installation onwards – choose Tecogen for your HVAC and power needs!

Natural gas is a quarter of the price of electricity, making our datacenter chillers the least expensive to run.

Lower Power Needs with Unique Chillers

Whether you’re in need of additional power or cooling, Tecogen can supply the lowest operational cost option. Powered by natural gas rather than electricity, Tecogen’s chillers only require 2-3 kW of electricity to run making it the best option for resiliency against power outages. Even during blackouts, only a downsized backup generator is required to ensure critical services and sensitive climate-controlled environments are maintained.

The use of natural gas gives our datacenter chillers a significant economic advantage by providing cooling at a 40-60% lower operating cost than electric chillers. When running our chillers, you are creating chilled water and hot water simultaneously. The hot water produced during the chiller’s operation increases the efficiency of your datacenter by relegating your boilers to a backup role. We use hot water every day for domestic hot water, absorption cooling, and centralized heating for the building.

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Our Datacenter Chillers

Our process cooling line offers industrial-grade performance by maintaining humidity and cooling control. Unlike traditional comfort cooling units, our chillers eliminate the need for external refrigerant, streamlining operations. Engineered for environmental safety, our units efficiently distribute fluids across long distances.


The advantages of our air-cooled chillers are utilizing ambient air to efficiently extract heat from your IT space, these energy-efficient and space-saving units are often bundled in quick installation packages, providing cost savings. Alternatively, our water-cooled chillers employ external cooling tower water to dissipate heat, offering durability, quiet operation, and energy efficiency comparable to air-cooled counterparts. Explore the optimal cooling solutions for your cultivation processes.

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Chiller Product Line

We help datacenters determine which system benefits them most. Multiple chillers are often used to accommodate custom facilities.

Our Power Generators

Powered by cheap natural gas, our datacenter generators are built to run 24/7. If your facility doesn’t have enough or unstable power, then this a solution for you. Our generators provide 125kW per unit to supplement or create additional power for your datacenter. Typical installations vary from 500kW to 1MW or more. These industrial grade datacenter generators provide reliable and resilient electricity using a natural gas V8 engine.

Plus, as a co-generator, you will find a free byproduct of hot water which is commonly connected to absorption chillers for additional low power cooling. Other uses include making domestic hot water for the office bathrooms or dehumidification through 4-pipe air handlers.

Co-generator Product Line

We help datacenters determine which system benefits them most. Multiple generators are often used to accommodate custom facilities.

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We are the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of industrial chillers and cogeneration systems. We provide robust, engineered solutions, and have vast expertise to ensure your operation runs smoothly. Our team is reliable and dedicated to ensuring your success in the datacenter industry.

Chillers installed at indoor farm

Reasons to choose us for your facility:

  • 40+ years of experience
  • Proven 99.8% uptime rate
  • Custom solutions
  • Tight temperature control
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA in North Billerica, MA
  • Short lead times
  • Outstanding customer and technical support

You can find our chiller and generator lines through our network of representatives. You can also contact us directly by requesting a quote online or calling (781) 466-6400 to discuss the best solution for your application and budget.

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