Ilios Air-Source "Split System" Heat Pump

Ilios Air-Source "Split System" Heat Pump
Ilios Air-Source "Split System" Heat Pump
Water Heating Re-Imagined

Water Heating Re-Imagined

Our Split System offers increased flexibility because its air-source evaporator package can be installed remotely. The engine driven heat pump, which is contained in a small acoustic enclosure can be located within a building's mechanical space while the quiet air-source evaporator package can be installed on a roof, or in any outdoor space. The outdoor evaporator component is connected to the indoor heat pump via refrigerant lines, therefore eliminating all freeze protection issues in colder climates. All of the water being heated remains inside the conditioned space eliminating the need for a costly isolation heat exchanger and additional pumps, which simplifies installation and increases efficiency by being able to operate at a lower delivery temperature.

Product Features & Benefits

The Ilios product provides relief from high fuel costs while being aligned with the sustainability goals held by the majority of facilities.

The benefit to you

A dramatic reduction in your energy costs while generating additional free waste heat for other useful applications

The benefit to society

A significant reduction in carbon, greenhouse gas emissions, and the harmful pollutants that contribute to smog

  • Twice the efficiency of a conventional boiler
  • 400,000 to 600,000 BTU/hr of hot water ideal for DHW, pool heating, space heating, re-heat for humidity control and process hot water
  • Hot water delivery temperature up to 160°f
  • Split system, extremely quiet air-source evaporator can be located remotely
  • Ultra-low emissions with near zero criteria pollutants
  • Immense carbon savings, reduce your facility’s environmental impact


The most common applications for the Ilios gas heat pumps are facilities with a simultaneous need for heating and cooling including athletic facilities, pools, food and beverage processing plants, laboratories, bottling plants, hotels, and multi-unit residential buildings.

Turnkey Light Load Module

Turnkey Light Solutions

Custom designed with your facility in mind, our factory engineered accessories, load modules and building integration skids are built by our cogeneration experts and shipped to your site pre-assembled – speeding installation and ensuring your cogeneration equipment will operate optimally, right from day 1 and for decades to come.

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Every one of our products qualifies for various incentives based on territory and application site type. Our products will also help your facility qualify for LEED green building-type certifications.