How It Works

Tecogen’s Tecofrost is a natural gas engine-driven refrigeration package that’s perfect for industrial refrigeration applications from -40°F to +40°F. It’s a critical tool to help owners reduce operating costs and increase resiliency.

Tecofrost is a rugged 150-horsepower refrigeration machine that features Vilter’s proven VSM 501 single screw compressor. Tecofrost is suited for use with R-717 (ammonia) or other refrigerants.

The Tecofrost’s proven and reliable variable-speed TecoDrive™ 7400 engine operates like a VFD, and ensures that high efficiencies are achieved during both full-load and part-load operation. Tecofrost also features Tecogen’s  patented Ultera Emissions Controls, which ensure that emissions are kept to ultra-low levels and make it easy to get   permitted in all parts of the country.

Tecofrost installation is simple, and very similar to that for an electrically driven refrigeration package, in terms of footprint and  connections.


  • Operating Cost Savings - Cut refrigeration energy costs by 50+% - Avoid high electric demand charges
  • Boost facilities’ resiliency - Back-up refrigeration for critical loads during utility power outages - Hybrid” plant (electric/ gas) - diversify energy mix
  • Do expansions, without costly electrical upgrades - Avoid major switchgear upgrades and huge standby gensets
  • Obtain free high-quality engine heat recovery, for process use (225°F)
  • “Green” environmental benefits - Reduce GHG emissions by up to 50%, compared to conventional utility power plant and site boiler
  • Qualify for Federal tax benefits for “mechanical CHP”