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Ilios Enters Northwest via Collaboration with NEEA

First unit to be installed in a Senior Home in Oregon

Earlier this week Tecogen announced a collaboration with the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), an alliance of more than 140 Northwest utilities and energy efficiency organizations, to install the first Ilios high efficiency water heater in the Pacific Northwest. The Ilios Air-Source unit will be installed in a retirement community in Salem, Oregon and served by natural gas from regional utility, NW Natural (NYSE: NWN).

Speaking about the project, Benjamin Locke, Tecogen Co-CEO noted, “First introduced in 2012, our Ilios high efficiency water heaters have been shipped worldwide including to Ireland, the UK, Australia, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and the Eastern United States. We are optimistic that the capabilities and value proposition our energy-saving heating solution provides will be apparent in this collaboration project, leading to a new market and potential project partners in the Northwest.”

The Ilios heat pump project will examine how much energy can be saved as well as other key considerations for installation and use that may be barriers to customer adaption in the region. Natural gas heat pumps are part of a portfolio of natural gas products that the region is investigating to benefit gas utility customers across the Northwest. The partners in this larger regional effort are Avista Utilities, Cascade Natural Gas Corporation, Energy Trust of Oregon, NW Natural and Puget Sound Energy.Northwest. The partners in this larger regional effort are Avista Utilities, Cascade Natural Gas Corporation, Energy Trust of Oregon, NW Natural and Puget Sound Energy.

The project will run through the heating season of February to late winter 2017; however, the project partners expect to publish initial results in mid-2017. This fieldwork is part of a five-year regional plan to increase consumer choices for efficient natural gas use in the Northwest.

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TTcogen Unveils USA’s First Micro T35

Recently, TTcogen LLC, unveiled the first fully installed and operational TEDOM Micro T35 CHP unit in the United States. The unit is installed in TTcogen’s Waltham, MA headquarters and powers the offices and manufacturing space. Attendees—including utility representatives, potential customers and expert engineers- were treated to a first glimpse of the operational unit as well as an information session highlighting the product’s capabilities, best applications, and maintenance profile.

Speaking about the Micro T35, Jiri Jansa, TEDOM Regional Sales Director and TTcogen Managing Director, noted, “The TEDOM Micro T35 has been installed in hundreds of locations around Europe and we are excited to bring this especially compact product to the United States. Because of the Micro’s size and capabilities, it is very appropriate for facilities looking for affordable on-site power solutions.”

Mr. Jansa added, “The Micro 35 is especially appropriate for places like Massachusetts where CHP units below a certain size are permitted to net-meter. Offering customers a valuable source of additional savings alongside the traditional electric and heating bill reduction from typical CHP installations.”

TEDOM's Micro 35kW combined heat and power units arrived in the USA for the first time in November 2016. The Micro’s compact size and near-silent operation make it suitable for a wide range of building applications, including retrofitting for space constrained existing buildings. The 35kW units also expand the potential market for small-scale CHP. Buildings with as few as 80-100 units that were previously too small to support a CHP system may now reconsider—offering a valuable, cost-effective source of energy savings as well as a significant reduction in energy related carbon footprint.

From the Czech Republic, TEDOM spent 25 years pioneering the manufacture of equipment designed for the effective and environmentally friendly utilization of energy fuel resources. Similar to Tecogen’s long history of cogeneration innovation, TEDOM has refined the packaged CHP concept in Europe. To find out if CHP is right for your building please visit or contact us for a free Site Assessment

IIoT—Why it makes sense to upgrade to continuous real-time equipment monitoring

In 2015, Tecogen Co-CEO Benjamin Locke had a vision. “I wanted to be able to walk into our headquarters or any of our nationwide service depots and see the status of any of our units in the field at any time. How are they running? Are there any alarms? No matter where I am, no matter what time it is.”

In a matter of months, thanks to partnering with technology and business experts from GE, Locke’s vision is reality. By integrating GE’s remote monitoring and diagnostics solution into its fleet of combined heat and power (CHP) units, Tecogen is enjoying unprecedented visibility into the performance of its installed equipment as well reaping significant gains in efficiency, cost savings, and customer service. The new real-time monitoring and data analytics platform, CHPInsight, was rolled out to customers beginning last year, placing Tecogen’s installed fleet solidly in the new era of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Tecogen’s customers depend on the company’s products for power, heating and cooling services — often mission critical capabilities — and to save money through the energy efficiency enabled by the equipment. Maintaining maximum operational uptime is critical.

“Keeping our equipment running as much as possible is paramount because the more the units run, the more the customer saves money,” added Mr. Locke.

But remote monitoring doesn’t just help service and maintenance professionals. Customers can view their equipment and various performance metrics in real-time. This permits robust scheduling driven by data analytics and even enables more precise budget forecasting when it comes to predicting energy costs.

For property managers, a real-time view of usage and costs can drive behavioral changes that result in often substantial savings. This valuable, data-driven insight can also help streamline other functions.

For example, using the new CHPInsight platform, customers in the New York City territory have the ability to monitor and report their energy usage to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA); facilitating the accrual of tax incentives for energy efficiency.

For more information on CHPInsight, our robust real-time equipment monitoring and analytics solution, please visit, or call 800-678-0550 to speak with a Tecogen expert today about implementing real-time monitoring at your facility.