Biofuels - Powering A Renewable Future

Meeting your energy needs by recycling free waste heat with onsite combined heat and power (CHP) technology is nice, but what if the fuel powering that CHP unit was also free and renewable? Biogas, also known as biomethane, biofuel or renewable natural gas (RNG), is the gaseous byproduct result of decomposing organic waste and offers what is potentially an abundant and sustainable means of powering our future. The gas can be sourced from food waste, agricultural waste, wastewater treatment plants and landfills and repurposed to produce clean and renewable power.

TTcogen LLC (a joint venture affiliate company of Tecogen® Inc. and TEDOM a.s.) offers a complete line of state-of-the-art CHP equipment that runs on this free waste fuel. “Producing energy from our own organic waste is not a new idea but TTcogen is making it much easier with a pre-packaged CHP solution that makes biogas powered cogeneration an accessible reality,” said Benjamin Locke, co-CEO of Tecogen Inc. and Managing Director of TTcogen LLC. “Initially, these clean energy systems are a perfect fit for powering wastewater treatment plants, dairy and poultry farms, and other agricultural facilities that already produce and process a significant amount of organic waste. Eventually, as biogas becomes more available, this equipment can be installed more widely, becoming a key component to a clean energy renaissance in the United States.”

According to the American Biogas Council, the United States has more than 2,100 sites producing biogas, and still, the potential for growth of the U.S. biogas industry is huge. A recent industry assessment conducted with the USDA, EPA and DOE as part of the Federal Biogas Opportunities Roadmap estimates nearly 11,000 sites are ripe for development. If fully realized, these new biogas systems could produce enough energy to power 3.5 million American homes and reduce emissions equivalent to removing up to 11 million passenger vehicles from the road. Finally, biogas systems capture all of the methane to generate baseload renewable energy, preventing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing reliance on fossil fuels. The growing potential for biogas application was supported this week by introduction of new legislation in Congress that provides a 30% investment tax credit for qualifying agricultural biogas systems.   

Ranging from 35kW up to multi-megawatt units, TTcogen’s clean power products from TEDOM meet the needs of facilities of almost any size and are proven by the hundreds of worldwide installations. For a free site assessment to see if your facility could benefit from renewable power please visit: