American DG Energy

American DG Energy

Supplying low cost, clean energy produced on-site at your property

Helping Businesses Turn Power To Profit

Helping Businesses Turn Power To Profit

American DG Energy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tecogen, offers customers a simple way of producing energy on-site to improve their bottom line by reducing the cost of electricity, heat, hot water and cooling. Our solution for on-site energy generation provides customers a way to avoid the required capital outlay, which can then be invested or utilized in other aspects of their business, and requires no capital outlay or maintenance efforts. In addition to monetary gains, we enable businesses to position themselves as environmentally responsible corporate citizens.

A Win-Win Approach

Our "no cost, no responsibility, no risk, just savings" approach makes saving from On-Site Utility solutions straightforward and easy. Customers sign agreements and pay only for the energy they need and use. Our monthly invoices include a guaranteed discount rate below a customer's prevailing local utility rates on the energy we sell. There are no capital costs or operating expenses for the customer. Typically, as soon as we begin producing energy on-site, customers realize enhanced cash flow and increased net income. They also receive direct operational gains because there is no impact on the property's staffing, overhead or balance sheet.

Outsourced Energy Solution

By outsourcing the ownership, management and financing of energy systems to American DG Energy, customers enjoy the significant economic benefits of distributed electricity, heat generation and cooling systems without requiring the capital investment, specialized in-house technical skills and manpower, operational responsibility, or ownership. We handle all elements of a project from start to finish: site evaluation, financing, engineering, project management, installation, communications, start-up, service, operation, performance optimization, fuel purchasing, utility relations and any other project and system requirements.

Flexibility And Options

While American DG Energy primarily owns the energy systems, we are open to creating joint ventures of co-ownership with our customers that may have the necessary capital resources, but desire Tecogen’s experience and expertise for maintenance and operations.

Clean Energy Products

American DG Energy offers a variety of clean energy technologies, including combined heat and power (CHP), also known as cogeneration, chillers, heat pumps and boilers to provide energy costs savings along with environmental and economic benefits to our customers, all without any impact on your capital budget. American DG Energy has been recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency for its carbon reduction efforts. These carbon offsets can earn carbon credits, which are monetized in some markets.

On-Site Energy Solutions for Commercial Markets

American DG Energy provides lower cost energy solutions to many types of businesses. Facilities utilizing larger amounts of hot water for space heating, domestic uses, laundries, heating swimming pools and spas, or industrial processes can expect the highest energy cost savings.

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