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Cogeneration – Inverter-Based Units 100 kW

Inverter-Based System opening new doors for cogeneration (1001.21 KB)
Consulting-Specifying Engineer, September 2009
Dream Machine (370.58 KB)
“An inverter connection to the grid lets CHP stay on when the lights go out.” Distributed Energy, Nov/Dec 2007
Microgrids Up and Running (205.18 KB)
“In February 2008, the first two Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions (CERTS) commercial applications were commissioned; perhaps no other technology promises to be as critical to the future of distributed energy.” Distributed Energy, May/June 2008
Mature Market, Cogeneration plants are finding their sweet spot at New York City homes for the aged. (366.81 KB)
Distributed Energy, Sept/Oct 2008

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Inverter-Based Engine CHP

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Pioneering in Distributed Generation

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The Sensible Green Technology

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