TTcogen Heating up CHP Market – Residential and Education Buildings Win Big

Just a few short months after arriving on the U.S. clean power scene, TTcogen - the joint venture of combined heat and power (CHP) experts Tecogen Inc. and TEDOM a.s. - is already making waves in the industry. The company's portfolio ranging from 35kW up to 4 MW for efficient power, heating and cooling is resonating well with east coast customers so far.

"The expert sales team has already won orders for two Micro series units - a demonstration of the strong market demand for our compact products," said Jiri Jansa, TTcogen Managing Director.

The first TEDOM Micro T35 kW combined heat and power (CHP) unit sold by the joint venture is slated to be installed in a 138 unit multi-family residential building in Brooklyn, NY. With a less than 3 year payback period after incentive rebates and annual savings estimated to be in excess of $60,000, the Micro 35 kW unit is a natural fit for this building. In addition, the Micro T35's blackstart capability allows the unit to provide power in a blackout, improving building resiliency and offering residents peace of mind they will never be left in the dark.

In a completely different application, the second unit sold, a Micro T55kw unit, will be installed in an elementary school in New Jersey. Benjamin Locke, Tecogen Co-CEO and TTcogen Managing Director noted, "Our engineering expertise and strong collaborative relationship with the installation contractor allowed the customer to save nearly $100,000 on this installation - a real win when considering the budget constraints of most schools. That is valuable budget money that can be re-directed toward the school's core mission of education."

From the Czech Republic, TEDOM spent 25 years pioneering the manufacture of equipment designed for the effective and environmentally friendly utilization of energy fuel resources. Similar to Tecogen's long history of cogeneration innovation, TEDOM has refined the packaged CHP concept in Europe. To find out if efficient CHP is right for your building please visit or contact us for a free Site Assessment.

About TTcogen LLC

TTcogen LLC is a 50/50 joint venture corporation between packaged combined heat and power (CHP) experts Tecogen Inc. and TEDOM a.s. TTcogen offers a complete package of 27 cutting-edge CHP modules that are fully capable of running on a variety of fuel feedstocks, including natural gas, propane, and renewable natural gas (biofuel). Ranging in size from 35 kW up to 4 MW, the full product portfolio meets the needs of residential, commercial and industrial customers in need of efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions.