TTcogen Announces First Sale of TEDOM Unit in U.S.

WALTHAM, Mass., August 3, 2016 - TTcogen LLC is pleased to announce the sale of its first unit just months after launching the TEDOM a.s. product portfolio into the U.S. market. The sale is for a TEDOM Micro T35 kW combined heat and power (CHP) unit, slated to be installed in a 138 unit multi-family residential building in Brooklyn, NY. A joint venture affiliate company of CHP experts Tecogen Inc. and TEDOM a.s., TTcogen utilizes Tecogen's experienced sales and service network to deliver TEDOM's efficient line of packaged combined heat and power (CHP) units to United States customers.

"This rapid first sale proves the demand and customer need for the compact Micro CHP unit is real. With a less than 3 year payback period after incentive rebates and annual savings estimated to be in excess of $60,000, the Micro T35 kW unit is a natural fit for this building," said Benjamin Locke, co-Chief Executive Officer of Tecogen and Managing Director of TTcogen. He added, "This is an excellent example of the Tecogen sales team turning what would have been a lost customer, with a building that is too small to take advantage of our other CHP offerings, into a customer now being served by a product from the TTcogen portfolio - producing the exact synergies that were contemplated when management formed this joint venture."

TEDOM's Regional Director of North American Sales Jiří Janša noted, "We are excited to have received an order so soon after launching our joint venture with Tecogen to bring our products to the U.S. market. This sale is a demonstration of the strong synergies we see in the TTcogen partnership, we look forward to building on this initial sales momentum in the months to come."

The compact natural gas powered unit is sized to serve nearly the entirety of the building's domestic hot water load while also producing electricity for the property. In addition, the synchronous unit's blackstart capability allows the Micro T35 to provide power in a blackout, improving building resiliency and offering residents peace of mind they will never be left in the dark.

The sale includes full turnkey installation service from Tecogen's expert service team. Because of the compact size of the Micro T35, the unit is easy to retrofit to existing buildings. The simpler installation reduces the time required for installation construction, moderating disruption for residents. Mr. Locke noted, "Given the streamlined installation schedule, we expect building residents to begin reaping the benefits of their new Micro CHP unit before year end."

From the Czech Republic, TEDOM spent 25 years pioneering the manufacture of equipment designed for the effective and environmentally friendly utilization of energy fuel resources. Similar to Tecogen's long history of cogeneration innovation, TEDOM has refined the packaged CHP concept in Europe. To find out if CHP is right for your building please visit or contact us for a free Site Assessment.