TTCogen alliance brings large-scale CHP to U.S. industrial clients

TEDOM's Quanto Series is completely customized to meet your needs

TTCogen LLC, the 50/50 joint venture corporation between packaged combined heat and power (CHP) experts Tecogen Inc. and TEDOM a.s. continues to render dividends for potential customers with expanded offerings and fully customized energy solutions.

The alliance brings TEDOM's Quanto Series of CHP systems for large-scale industrial users to the United States. The Quanto series designed for U.S. customers offers packaged CHP solutions from 800 kW up to 4 MW. Fully customizable with a range of options to suit a facility's unique needs, the Quanto line also offers flexible fuel options and can run on natural gas, LPG or biogas. This biogas capability is especially useful for repurposing landfill waste or powering agricultural and wastewater treatment facilities. (Read more about TEDOM's biogas offering here).

Speaking about the expertly engineered equipment line, Jiri Jansa, TTcogen's Managing Director noted, "Many customers in remote locations, or in places where grid-power is either insufficient or unreliable, find the TEDOM Quanto an excellent complete packaged energy solution. Similarly, large-scale CHP units like the efficient Quanto may be used as emergency sources of electricity in places where an uninterrupted supply is necessary."

Quanto may be new to the USA but they have been meeting the needs of facilities worldwide for over a decade now. Powering the Quantas Airways terminal at Sydney Airport, oil fields in Kazakhstan, climate controlled greenhouses in Russia, the SKODA auto plant in the Czech Republic a hospital in Italy, or a sugar factory in Moldova - the reliable Quanto series offers an efficient energy solution for commercial and industrial customers not well served by traditional grid-power or for those wishing to move toward more affordable and environmentally friendly clean energy technology.

Electricity generated by a CHP unit can be used for consumption by the facility in which the machine is situated, or in some cases it can be supplied to the grid. In this way the units allow a facility to function in parallel with the traditional utility, or disconnect and operate in island-mode - independently powering the building while offering backup power in case of emergency - important for bolstering a site's resiliency. The free recovered waste heat from the CHP unit can be used to heat the facility, to prepare hot water or for industrial process heating.

Tecogen is a next-generation manufacturer of natural-gas-fueled, engine-driven, combined heat and power (CHP) products that aim to reduce energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and alleviate congestion on the national power grid. The TTcogen partnership with TEDOM, one of Europe's largest combined heat and power (CHP) manufacturers, utilizes Tecogen's sales and service network to bring TEDOM's efficient cogeneration equipment to the United States market. Through TTcogen, the partnership offers a complete package of 27 cutting-edge CHP modules that are fully capable of running on a variety of fuel feedstocks, including natural gas, propane, and renewable natural gas (biofuel).

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