Meet TEDOM – Clean Energy Technology in Harmony with Your Building’s Needs

Tedom's efficient combined heat and power (CHP) products are recognized worldwide for their exacting technical standards, reliability, and unmatched performance, offering a cutting-edge energy solution for your facility. With over 600 MW of installed capacity world-wide, TEDOM's extensive operating experience has helped to continuously refine their portfolio of value-added products that offer significant benefits for their global customers. Now this complete premier line of CHP products is available in the U.S. from TTcogen LLC, a joint venture company of TEDOM a.s. and Tecogen Inc.

Tecogen pioneered packaged CHP products in the United States and, over the last 3 decades, built a nationwide network of sales and service centers. Backed by Tecogen's expert team of engineers and maintenance professionals, customers are assured TEDOM's equipment will operate at peak performance well into the future, serviced by trusted local professionals.

Cogeneration is a highly efficient and ecologically beneficial method of power generation. Because waste heat is recovered from the electric power production process, the systems can achieve fuel energy utilization of up to 95% with minimal losses - a level of efficiency that directly translates into savings for the customer.

The major fuel for running CHP units is natural gas, however, a number of units have been configured to use propane, biogas, landfill gas, gas from water treatment plants or other alternative fuels for their operation. In this way, CHP has evolved to be among the most efficient, affordable, and sustainable methods of energy production on the market today.

Electricity generated by a CHP unit can be used for consumption by the building in which the machine is situated, or it can be supplied to the grid. Waste heat from the CHP unit can be recovered and used to heat the building, to provide hot water, or for process heating. CHP units are also used as emergency sources of electricity in places where an uninterrupted supply is necessary and building resiliency is of paramount importance.

Cogeneration units can be used in all buildings with year-round demand for the consumption of heat, power or cooling. Examples of such uses include hospitals, nursing homes, swimming pools and spas, ice rinks and stadiums, district heating plants, hotels, or industrial plants. When biogas is used as the input fuel, Tedom's CHP systems are also suitable for water treatment plants, agricultural-related sites, and some community landfill sites.

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