Indoor Growing

Indoor Growing Facilities

Tecogen serves both indoor grow and greenhouse clients with a variety of cogeneration systems; both electrical cogeneration systems (electricity and hot water) such as our Inverde e+ product and mechanical cogeneration systems (chilled water & hot water) such as our TECOCHILL product are a perfect fit. These cogeneration systems help customers cost effectively and reliably grow their product. In addition to providing much needed energy at a lower cost, they also result in greenhouse gas emissions reductions, and providing consistent and reliable power, even when the grid cannot.


Cost Effective

Typical equipment payback periods range from 2-4 years and many Tecogen customers qualify for additional incentives. Investment tax credits, accelerated depreciation benefits, clean energy incentives, and demand response subsidies are among many of the benefits that may be available to customers installing Tecogen’s equipment.

Efficient Chillers

The leading natural gas engine-driven chiller on the market, a TECOCHILL® cuts costs by as much as 30-60% when compared to conventional electric chillers and helps facilities avoid punitive peak- demand electric charges. As an added bonus, additional savings can be realized by recovering waste heat from engines for heating needs such as dehumidification, either traditional reheat or desiccant regeneration. The true power of the TECOCHILL technology is most evident in the summer-time when electricity rates are at their highest—often incurring peak usage charges for traditional electric chillers—but when natural gas pricing is “off peak” and especially affordable. TECOCHILL customers can rest easy because their chillers will continue running on minimal electric power in case of electric blackout, all while being fed by reliable natural gas - a significant benefit when considering the potential costly impact of downtime for indoor cultivation facilities.

Clean Energy

The core of Tecogen’s ultra-efficient solution, is the InVerde® e+ electrical cogeneration module, which offers indoor cultivation facilities low cost electricity produced on site from cheap natural gas, and free recovered engine waste heat that can be used to provide winter space heating or summer dehumidification. This free waste heat stream can be used to provide cooling via an absorption chiller (this combination is known as “trigeneration”).

Product Options

We help for indoor and greenhouse clients determine which system benefits them most; sometimes a combination of electrical and mechanical cogeneration is the best fit.