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Residential Facilities

Large residential facilities represent an excellent match for cogeneration systems, due to their steady electric and thermal loads. Best applications include large apartment buildings, condominiums, dormitories, retirement homes, and co-ops. Those with centralized heating systems and centralized electric metering are especially good candidates.


Tecogen's clean energy solutions offer hospitality facility managers the ability to reduce operating costs and improve profits all while enhancing the guest experience and offering continuous guest comfort. Packaged cogeneration systems ensure customers never experience a cold shower, uncomfortably hot room or the inconvenience of an electric blackout.

Build Building Resiliency while Boosting your Bottom Line

Installing our natural gas powered cogeneration equipment is a proven way for larger residential buildings to cut energy bills while protecting against a blackout - all while enabling our customers to join an advancing smartgrid as part of a clean energy future.

Product Options

We help hotels, resorts, apartment buildings and dormitories determine which type of Cogeneration system benefits them most.


Our cogeneration systems are a good way for facilities to "go green" sensibly. They achieve compelling paybacks on their own while reducing global warming emissions, without relying extensively on incentives and tax benefits. Our clean energy technologies are efficient and responsible investments that save our customers money consistently, year after year for decades to come.


Operating savings to a residential facility, year after year. Our systems can help your facility squeeze the most value out of limited budgets.


Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions* reduction thanks to our efficient Cogeneration systems

*CO2 output or “carbon footprint”

Installation Services

Choosing our turnkey installation service ensures your equipment installation will be smooth and your equipment will be optimized for a long and profitable operating life.

Our turnkey installation service is available on all products and includes


System Design

Factory-engineered Accessories

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