Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Medical Facilities

Hospitals and nursing homes are often large facilities with around-the-clock operations, large steady thermal and electric requirements and central plants. This makes them ideal candidates for cogeneration systems. Best applications include small and large hospitals, medical office buildings and nursing homes serving at least 100 residents.


Our cogeneration systems are a good way for facilities to “go green”, but in a practical, sensible way. They reduce global warming emissions, while achieving decent paybacks on their own and do not rely extensively on massive government incentives and tax benefits, like some other “green” measures do. Our systems are an efficient and responsible investment of taxpayer and institutional dollars.


Operating savings to a hospital, nursing home or medical facility, year after year. Our systems can help your facility squeeze the most value out of limited budgets.


Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions* reduction thanks to our efficient cogeneration systems

*CO2 output or “carbon footprint”

Eliminate Strain on Backup or Standby Power Generators

Chillers offer climate control for sensitive patient care facilities and can be operated with a minimal electric load in the event of a blackout, resulting in very little strain on a facility’s backup or standby power generators. Similarly, many hospitals with already-installed backup/standby power are not currently in emissions compliance, limiting them to only being used in emergency situations. If fitted with our Ultera Emissions Control, these hospitals could participate in demand response programs and peak load shaving activities, lowering electric bills and generating additional revenue via demand response incentives.

Product Options

We help hospitals and nursing homes determine which type of cogeneration system benefits them most.

Installation Services

Choosing our turnkey installation service ensures your equipment installation will be smooth and your equipment will be optimized for a long and profitable operating life.

Our turnkey installation service is available on all products and includes


System Design

Factory-engineered Accessories

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