Gas Heat Pumps

A Tremendous Alternative to Conventional Systems

For locations with a gas demand of at least 4000 Therms/month, such as water parks, swimming pools, hotels, hospitals, apartment buildings & recreation centers, the Ilios High Efficiency Water Heater is a tremendous alternative to conventional systems.

With a nominal heating capacity of 500,000 BTU/hour, it employs a combination of technologies designed to boost efficiency, save money and reduce impact on the environment. This natural gas or propane fueled water heater combines traditional boiler technology with the power of an engine driven heat pump to cut fuel consumption and carbon emissions in half. Free waste heat from the engine is captured and repurposed which adds to the unit's capacity and efficiency. The synergy of advanced heat pump and engine technology results in twice the efficiency of a gas fired boiler. The Ilios units are modular and scalable to serve larger thermal loads.

How It Works

A heat pump takes the naturally occurring energy from the environment (low temperature) and with mechanical work of a compressor, pumps this heat to higher temperature using a standard vapor compression refrigeration cycle. Heat exchangers are used to extract energy from the cold source and deliver it to the warmed media. While heat pumps can be configured many different ways, in the case of Ilios, the cold source is the outdoor environment and the warmed media is the building’s hot water. In a conventional heat pump, the compressor is driven by an electric motor. But with Ilios, a natural gas or propane-fired engine provides the shaft power. As a result, the refrigeration cycle heat is supplemented with the engine waste heat for added efficiency.


The Tecogen Gas Heat Pump benefits are significant.


Reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions normally associated with electricity and hot water production


Reduction in utility-related operating costs

  • Cuts gas usage and gas bills in half
  • Save on electricity, demand charge reduction
  • Ultra-low emissions with near zero criteria pollutants
  • Compact size, fits through a standard doorway
  • Immense carbon savings, reduce your facility’s environmental impact



Ultera Emissions Control

Ultera® -ultra-low emissions system reduces the emissions of harmful criterial pollutants (including, CO, NOx, and hydrocarbons) to near-zero fuel-cell equivalent levels - making Ultera-enhanced equipment compliant with the strictest air quality regulations in the country. The Ultera system can be selected for any of our products or purchased as a retrofit for your already existing natural-gas fueled system.

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Load Modules and Engineered Accessories

Our factory-engineered accessories and load modules are customized for your site and help ensure a speedier and smooth equipment installation process. Over time, your equipment runs better with our accessories as they are designed to allow for easy maintenance by our expert service technicians, for the full life of the unit.

GE Real-Time Monitoring System

Customers may opt to equip their CHP units with GE’s Equipment Insight solution to enhance their product performance. GE’s real-time, cloud-based solution monitors and analyzes operating data to ensure our equipment consistently maintains peak performance, optimizing runtimes to deliver maximum value for customers. With the majority of our customers selecting long-term maintenance agreements, having the most advanced, reliable equipment monitoring and diagnostic solution protects your valuable equipment to ensure uptime and efficiency for the long-term.

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Our Ilios gas heat pumps are well suited for a wide variety of facilities - even those in warm climates &-sh; see how your facility could start saving money by switching to the most efficient heating technology available.

Installation Services

Choosing our turnkey installation service ensures your equipment installation will be smooth and your equipment will be optimized for a long and profitable operating life. Choose from our full turnkey solutions or a light package of engineered accessories.

Our turnkey installation service is available on all products and includes


System Design

Factory-engineered Accessories

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